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JADE Computer Services “the company” was established in Salem, Ohio, in June of 2010 but we have been here serving area customers for nearly 10 years now. Our goal is to provide reasonable rates for every day problems that occur for small businesses and home computer users alike.

We offer certified technicians to support your business or home computing needs. We help manage and or repair computers, networks, servers, and websites. We can also help you improve your website ranking among competition by optimizing your website and marketing it online. Just give us a call to discuss your concerns.

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Computer Support for your Business

business computer supportAs part of our computer services, we provide businesses with the opportunity to have their own IT staff at their disposal. This greatly simplifies the process of hiring IT staff since most are unsure of how to evaluate a technicians skill levels. It also gives an advantage of less overhead for the business owner in terms of the other responsibilities that come with a direct hire; i.e. workers compensation, additional health insurances, vacation and holiday time and unemployment taxes to mention a few.

By obtaining a computer and network service contract you reduce your responsibilities as an employer, and expand the quality of service you offer to both your employees and your business clients by having a smooth running computer network in your office.

Home and Business Computer Repair

repair computerComputer viruses and malware top the list as the #1 cause of computer failure and down time. Sometimes getting rid of them and returning your computer to a smooth running state can be very time consuming. Over time these malwares have become quite sophisticated and more difficult to detect and remove. However, just because your anti-virus scanner says your computer is “clean”, doesn’t mean it is. Some viruses called rootkits can run undetected for months or years on your network passing vital business or network information to outside thieves and spies.

Computer hardware failure can be another frustrating situation that computer owners face periodically. Many times they are misdiagnosed as viruses or malware but either way it will make you pull your hair out trying to deal with it. A little experience and the right tools makes solving these problems much easier.

Computer and Server Networking

repair networkIf you’ve ever opened up for business and discovered all your computers were down and not responding, you know the panic that can create. There’s no worse of a way to start off your day or week. Even if the computers turn on, they are virtually useless without their connection to your server(s) or router for internet access.

In addition to the daily office support and computer repair mentioned earlier, JADE can also troubleshoot and repair your networking problems. Although this service is available to the public, businesses with a service contract get greatly reduced pricing and faster priority response time to their problems.

Website Development and Marketing

get a business web siteOur success depends on the success of our clients and we take that very seriously. Let us use any unused prepaid time on your service contract each month to further promote your business by building up and optimizing your website. When was the last time you used the phone book to look up another businesses telephone number?

Nearly everyone has adapted to the web since it’s already at our fingertips most of the working day. If you have a website and it does nothing for you, let us fix it. If you don’t have a website then let us help you get one established and put you on a more level playing field with your competitors.
Your business needs this, and we can help.


Training Credentials

Microsoft Certified ProfessionalsCompTIA Network+ Certified TechniciansCompTIA A+ Certified Technicians

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